Here at The One we offer a variety of high quality services to suit all of our client’s needs and take pride in providing an exceptional experience with first-rate results. From perfectly sculpted brows and lashes through to our wide-range of skincare treatments we really do offer something for everyone.

Beauty services

Whether your natural brows are in need of a subtle tidy-up or you’re looking to step up your brow game with our affordable HD Brows our highly skilled beauty technicians have you covered. Our professional eyebrow shaping can be performed via threading or waxing to suit your needs with the option of tinting to complete the look. Perhaps you are looking to try something new and want to take your brow shaping to the next level in which case our tailored-to-you HD Brows can create the perfect precise results. The 7 Step treatment which concentrates on shape and design can perfectly enhance even the most over-plucked of brows.

Deciding on the best treatment for your skin can be a challenge which is why we offer complimentary consultations with our specialist to discuss any issues and help come up with the perfect solution for you and your needs. During the consultation, which usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, our specialist will thoroughly analyse your skin as well as scanning your skin with a UV lamp or performing a patch test to ensure that you can make a well informed decision the best treatment for your skin.

From acne treatments to non-surgical facelifts here at The One we offer a wide range of skincare treatments meaning there is bound to be something to suit your needs. Our specialists are trained in identifying the best treatment for your skin and can help you decide between our advanced services which include; acne treatments, Dermaroller, Dermomassage, LED treatment, Microdermabrasion, non-surgical facelifts, OxyGEN facials, Retix C, skin peels and teenage facials. Whether you’re worried about wrinkles, scarring or simply in need of a bit of rejuvenation we can ensure high quality results in a safe and comfortable environment.

Specialising in both strip wax and hot wax treatments which are suitable for both male and female clients our specialised beauticians use hypoallergenic, fragrance-free waxes, which are perfect for sensitive skin whist ensuring the highest hygiene standards so that you can expect the very best results. Our strip wax treatments are best suited to thicker and less sensitive areas of the body, such as shoulders, arms, and legs whilst our hot wax treatments work best for hair removal in sensitive areas, such as face and bikini line. Our specialists will work with you to decide on the method most appropriate for your needs and to ensure a precise and comfortable experience as well as offering you aftercare advice following your treatment.

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At The One Clinic, we care about our clients, we understand that the money you spend with us is not mere indulgence but rather a long term investment. The One Clinic Memberships are designed for you to save money whilst easily affording a full course of treatment without the hassle of credit checks for finance.
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