Laser hair removal

Our popular laser hair removal treatment works by preventing future growth through the absorption of light by the Melanin found in hair. The treatment works by applying a thin layer of gel to ensure the maximum amount of light enters the skin before carefully controlled pulse of visible light are released. Melanin converts the light into heat, which travels down the hair and heats the matrix, preventing future growth. Due to the importance of the Melanin this treatment typically works best for treating dark hair and will typically take between 3-6 treatments every 1-3 months in-keeping with the hairs life-cycle. The length of time taken for each treatment depends on the size of the area being targeted.

At The One Laser and Skin Clinic in Norwich, Norfolk, we work on best quality lasers – professional equipment dedicated to all skin-related problems and hair removal, safe to use on all skin types. The cost of a single removal session with the use of our laser varies depending on a chosen body part. For instance, the cost of the chest area is 80 pounds, whereas the removal on full legs costs 190 pounds.

If you choose to book a whole course of 6 sessions, the price will be lower! Perhaps would you like to entrust us with your skin for the whole 6 months? Choose an even more attractive option! The One Clinic offers a special membership including unlimited removal treatments for 3 or more areas. It’s a cost-effective offer for those who have already made up their minds about having fully smooth skin. Are you one of them or you would like to book one session and check if that laser treatment is meant for you? Contact us to book a visit at our clinic in Norfolk as soon as possible.

woman cut out Laser hair removal The One Laser Clinic

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